Here’s a live video of me performing the classic Peruvian waltz, El Plebeyo. The arrangement was created by my mentor Alfonso Chacon, in dedication to his friend, the great Peruvian guitarist Oscar Avilés who recorded the definitive version with Los Morochucos in the 1940s.

Live video from my guitar & drum duo Neil & Jane de los EEUU recorded live at Uncommon Ground on Wednesday October 17, 2018. This really shows us in party mode, moving from Cuban son, to a little dancehall reggae, to chicha/cumbia:

Live video from my duo Neil & Janet de los EEUU from our show at Uncommon Ground on June 27, 2018. Here you get the full range of dynamics, from a quiet single string tremolo building to all out ecstatic strumming:

Check out my two new performance videos for early 2018 - featuring works by the pioneering Brazilian guitarist Américo "Canhoto" Jacomino:

Check out the new EP from my guitar'n'drums duo Neil & Janet de los EEUU, it's available for download and/or purchase here:


Check out my debut solo guitar album The Panamericanist: Compositions and Arrangements of Alfonso Chacon, and I hope you might find the time to click through and read the background essays about this project, my mentor, Chilean guitarist Alfonso Chacon, and each track of the album.

To purchase download (email me for physical CD):


Below is quick video review of some of the ways I perform:  with percussionist Janet Cramer, background music for parties, romantic settings, weddings, and a taste of what I do in concert and live on the radio.