The playlists below are all linked from my SoundCloud page. There are additional playlists on that site not linked here that include in-progress demos of original music I may be working on and sharing with others, as well as other projects for this and that. If you are curious you can check out:

If you are interested in my solo guitar work, here is a list of my current working Repertoire

If you are interested in my original ambient music for film/video, check out my Music for Video page.

Solo guitar demos

This playlist is a relatively complete collection of my working solo guitar repertoire, songs and styles from across Latin America, with some Spanish classical guitar pieces mixed in as well. As sequenced here, you get music from Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and lastly, Spain.

The following playlists break down my repertoire by nation:

Neil & Janet de los EEUU

Neil & Janet de los EEUU is an instrumental guitar and percussion duet with my partner Janet Cramer. Click here to learn more about Neil & Janet. Below is a sample of our EP 2017 DEMONSTRATIONS, which you can download/purchase here:

Wedding music demos

This is a playlist of me playing most traditional wedding music, and a few examples of more modern songs that are either frequently requested or just representative of what I can do.