The playlists below are all linked from my SoundCloud page. There are additional playlists on that site not linked here that include in-progress demos of original music I may be working on and sharing with others, as well as other projects for this and that. If you are curious you can check out:

If you are interested in my solo guitar work, here is a list of my current working Repertoire

If you are interested in my original ambient music for film/video, check out my Music for Video page.

The panamericanist

A preview of my debut solo guitar album, The Panamericanist: Compositions and Arrangements of Alfonso Chacón, a tribute to the man who I studied and performed with for a decade, released in Fall 2014. Click here to learn more and/or purchase.

2018 Solo guitar demo

This is a general catch-all playlist of the solo guitar music I perform, focusing mostly on songs and styles from across Latin America, with some Spanish classical guitar pieces mixed in as well.

Neil & Janet de los EEUU

Neil & Janet de los EEUU is an instrumental guitar and percussion duet with my partner Janet Cramer. Click here to learn more about Neil & Janet. Below is a sample of our EP 2017 DEMONSTRATIONS, which you can download/purchase here:

2018 Wedding music demo

This is a playlist of me playing most traditional wedding music, and a few examples of more modern songs that are either frequently requested or just representative of what I can do.

my back catalog

Los Guitarristas (2003-2011) was the guitar quartet created and directed by Alfonso Chacon. In 2009 we released the album Paisajes de Sudamerica, available for purchase in iTunes.

Más Truneo (2007-2011) was a Chicago band in which I played rhythm guitar. We released a few demos including these two:

The Suite 777 (2000-2003): This was to be an ambitious set of three 7-song EPs, collecting a burst of songwriting from my transition from Ann Arbor to Chicago. I made the first two volumes, then got exhausted (and just too broke). Volume I is "Neil Dixon Smith presents the Hot Front", Volume II is "68 Degrees", they are sampled below:

Ground.efx (1998-1999) was an instrumental band that came in the wake of the break-up of Butterfly. We recorded a live set at the Bird of Paradise in Ann Arbor, which was produced for an audio demonstration for Wisconsin Public Radio:

Butterfly (1995-1998) was a band in Ann Arbor, MI. We recorded a few demos and the Sound System EP on Skillet Records. Here's a sampling: